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    Just uploaded Xeno Chill Set @ Sunny Side Up to Mixcloud. Listen now!

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    Album Preview

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    The Hall of the Architech

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    Black Day Techno

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    Xenoscape -Solitary Beast (Original Mix)

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    I just uploaded “Xenoscapes Live Southern Oracal 2011” to www.mixcloud.com - listen now!

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    I just uploaded “First Live Xenoscapes set at dark days 3” to www.mixcloud.com - listen now!

Sparse, sprawling rhythms lay the foundation while eerie, brooding atmospheres set the tone–now it is up to the human mind whether these sounds can fully take form in this world.

If any one is interested in releasing any tracks or hearing more of my works feel free to contact me. Ben.mcgrigor@gmail.com